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Honouring Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan--March 27, 2010

Haysashada Dhaqankaaga iyo Dhexgelidda Ummado Kale--March 24, 2010

Somali Region of Ethiopia Caught Between Unjust Administrations and Anti-Peace Groups-March 14, 2010

Discard this Flag, Get Your Own-January 2010

Through the Eyes of Ordinary Residents and Somali Region of Ethiopia
5 September 2008

The Trouble with This Homogenous Society July 4-2007

After the Last Year’s August (2005) Elections and the Somali Region in Ethiopia

September 11-01 Worsened Somalis Plight September 12-2002

The Somali Region of Ethiopia in Evolution-May 2003

Leaving the City I loved March 2003

December Genocide and Somali Region of Ethiopia

Culture and Identity February 2003

They Deserve to Be Remembered-March 2003

Building Somalia’s Statehood Is a Nightmarish Process March 4-2009

In Search of Justice and Somali Region of Ethiopia Ocober-2008

in Search of an Identity and Somali Region of Ethiopia 2005

Shidane Arone’s Case Sparks a Tumultuous Debate in the Canadian

Reaching Out to Diaspora Community from Somali Region of Ethiopia Aug 28-2009

What is the Internet

Barashada Computerka iyo Ka Badbaadidda Burburka Internetka