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Bakayr Blog is aimed at reporting on events that take place in the Horn of Africa and overseas countries. In addition, the blog posts educational essays, informative articles and columns.

Bakayr Blog run by Mohamed Abdi-Bakayr and contributed to by other associates adheres to journalism ethics. Mohamed Abdi-Bakayr is a Somali-Canadian journalist and writer engaged in advocacy journalism. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and is an emerging writer. His first book, the Agony of Somalia's Civil War, was published in 2004. Mohamed contributes to Somali online websites and writes about Somalis situations. His second book, an eBook and a fiction one (Mother Somalia-Stories of Hope), came out in March 2012. Mother Somalia-Stories of Hope

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BakayrBlog isn’t updated on a daily basis; its articles and columns appear periodically based on the nature of covered issues and events. The blogs’s aricles and columns are interfiled; in other words, they are written in Somali and English, but aren’t grouped in separate sections of the blog. Only the latest articles are visible, but old articles can be retrieved from the blog’s archive.

Comments are welcome and will be responded to as soon as possible. Readers are able to send comments to the blog by clicking on the contact button and filling in the form; the readers are expected to be precise and to the point, and to use a tone that is constructive and well-mannered.


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