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Albertans Recover from Devastating Floods
21 Sept. 2013
Torrential rains causing intense floods devastated and displaced thousands of Canadians in the province of Alberta in June 2013 and the Southern parts of the province suffered the most devastation. The effects of the devastation are still lingering. Read more...

Kenya Attack: Hostages Held In Terror Strike
21 Sept. 2013


Dozens of people are dead and more than 150 others are injured after al Shabaab militants attack a Nairobi shopping centre. Read more...

Jigjiga in Revolt
27May 2013

The survival and rights of a Somali clan that has traditionally been the gatekeeper of the Somali identity in Ethiopia’s Somali region must be protected if the region’s Somali clans aspire to preserve and invest in their collective wellbeing. The rights and survival of Jidwaaq clan (Abasguul, Bartire & Yabare) are currently at risk with many of its elders and intellectuals besieged and thrown in jails. Read more....

Journaling to Serve the Public
12 February 2013

Journalists have the right to interview people, but they must be scrupulous about their news stories and abide by principles of journalism. In fact, the journalists research and write stories for local, regional, national and international media outlets, depending on their mandates and scope of work. Read more...

Where the Public Gets Its News and Information?

Half of the general population now gets its much of its news and information from the Internet.                                   

Note on the chart that about half of the general population now gets its much of its news and information from the Internet.

Baroortu Orgiga Ka Weyn
By Mohamed Bakayr


Arrinta dadka masaakiinta ah ee maalin kasta lagu dilo ama lagu xidho waxaad tihiin “Nabad-Diid” waa baroortu orgiga ka weyn. Wada akhri....

Caddaalad Darro Waa Horumar La'aan
Qore: Maxamed Bakayr

Caddaalad daradu waxay hor-istaagtaa nolasha suuban ee beni-aadamka, waxayna xannibtaa horumarka ummadi higsato.
Caddaalad darro waa in dadka lagu xadgudbo, xaqoodana la qaato. Waxay aadamuhu badanaan ka cawdaan caddaalad darro noocyo badan leh. Caddaalad darro waxay timaad golkii arrintu meeshay lahayd laga leexiyo, sababa jira dartood.  Wada akhri...







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